(A) I decided, after a discussion with the wife, that I would stream my gameplay. Afterall, I was gaming most nights anyway, so why not try it out. After about an hour of looking online, I settled on using Streamlabs as my streaming service. It’s very easy to use and on the plus side completely free.
I think the longest part of setting a stream up was designing a profile picture and banner that I liked, luckily for me my wife is very creative and designed my first profile picture.

I instantly loved it. It was around 2 months into streaming me and K177Fly were playing CoD WWII and I suggested that she started streaming too, thinking we’d be able to help each other grow as streamers.

(K) Steaming definitely wasn’t something I ever expected to do. Yeah I played games on a very casual basis, but to set up a stream seemed more “professional” and I really wasn’t sure it would be for me. After streaminig for the first time, I found myself more confident and wanting to stream more often. When Ama was working one night, I decided to stream Staxel as my first solo stream. This went really well and I even had a few viewers!
Since then, I’ve streamed a handful of times, both solo and with Ama. More recently I haven’t really had chance though – but I’m hoping that will change in the upcoming weeks!


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