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Dauntless First Impressions

Console: All platforms                    Mulitplayer: Yes – cross platform           Price: Free
Release Date: 21st May 2019                                                                                   Beta: Open Beta

Dauntless logo

Dauntless is a cross platform, RPG.
The basic outline of the game is to hunt, fight and slay Behemoths, along side other players, to improve your armour.

From the initial creation of your character, K177yFly was a little underwhelmed. Where the character creation itself was straight forward and didn’t take too long. There were less ‘fantasy’ colours as options for the hair and eyes. This is a minor disappointment, but being a game with fantasy looking characters, you’d expect more colour options.

Two Dauntless characters standing together

Getting in to the introduction of the game, you’re faced with a basic quest and shown the controls. This was pretty straight forward and again, quick and easy to get through too – which is exactly what you want when starting a new game. To get into the gameplay quickly without skipping anything or having super long cut screens is great!

We did however notice very early on that the character you play doesn’t have a voice. Some may like this but both of us weren’t exactly keen. K177yFly is a well known cut screen skipper and a non-reader of quests out of habit, so she relies on hearing the quest instead of reading them.

General gameplay though is great! Aside from some ocassional lag spikes and the massive queuing due to the servers being pretty full, the gameplay is great.

Dauntless server loading screenshot showing position in the queue

We found it to have similarities to both Borderlands and Destiny. The font for the damage dealt appeared to be simlar to Borderlands and it’s similar to Destiny with how you navigate to different places for the hunts.
When you choose where you want to go, you’re then put in a queue to find fellow people who are takling the same quest.

Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 19.19.32

Amaphatkid is always our party leader. After our first Behemoth fight, when we returned to Ramsgate, we found we were no longer partied up! Ama discovered a bit later, that we could head for the Behemoths in a private match, which meant it was just the two of us and we were still partied up when we got back afterwards.

Over on the graphics side of things, they’re pretty sweet from both sides! Ama has been playing on his laptop and K177yFly’s been playing on Xbox. Apart from the slight delay between the two for loading screens, the overall graphics look pretty identical screen to screen.

Being in open beta, Ama was very sceptical about playing Dauntless, however we honestly think we have found another great game that we both enjoy playing.

Overall we would give this a couples gaming rating of: 7/10

Have you been playing Dauntless? What are your first thoughts?


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