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Top 10 Games For Couples To Play Together

Finding games to play together can be a tricky task. Of course, it all depends on what types of games you both enjoy, but we’ve compiled our top 10 games that we enjoy playing together for you as a guide on what games to try out. We’ve tried to include a variety of different types of games and also different platforms too.

In no particular order:


Platform: All Platforms               Cost: Varies                   Multiplayer: Local, Online and Split Screen

Minecraft is easily a game that couples can enjoy for hours. Whether you’re hunting down Zombies at night time or simplybuilding yourselves a big village, it’s almost guarenteed that you’ll both have fun playing Minecraft. Player 2 can drop in and out easily without it affecting gameplay too which is a bonus!


Platform: PC            Cost: Initial £44.99+ £9.99monthly subsription             Multiplayer: Online

As a long-winded game we would say World of Warcraft is a game for those with a bit more time to dedicate to playing on a serious level. World of Warcraft is a MMORPG and there’s seriously so many hours worth of quests, dungeons and raids. An incredible game if you’re more dedicated to gaming. A downside is the month fee of £9.99, you can play for free for a trial period though!


Platform: All Platforms                Cost: Varies               Multiplayer: Local, Online and Split Screen

Rocket League is basically rocket propelled car football – but it’s not as easy as you might think! It can be a pretty intense game even when played against bots but it’s also pretty fun when playing the Rumble game mode.


Platform: Xbox, PC                                         Cost: £39.99                                      Multiplayer: Online

A’hoy there me hearties – a piratey game for all those who wish to go hunting for treasure, to fight skeleton captains or even scuttle other fellow pirates and steal thier loot. Sea of Thieves is a sure bet for a casual game to enjoy together. One of you can raise the sails while the other steers the ship!


Platform: Xbox, PC, PlayStation      Cost: Varies          Multiplayer: Local, Online and Split Screen

With many missions taking you down different ways in Borderlands, anyone can spend hours playing this series of games. We particularly enjoyed following ClapTr4p around when he got himself into mischief in the beginning.


Platform: All platforms                                    Cost: Varies                                       Multiplayer: Online

Paladins is a first person fantasy shooter with some pretty intense PvP action. Train yourselves up while practising against bots and then jump into the Seige game mode to play against others.


Platform: All platforms                 Cost: Varies                 Multiplayer: Local, Online and Split Screen

CoD is a bit of an obvious one – maybe not everyones cup of tea, but being a first person shooter with many multiplayer options (story mode and online multiplayer) this is a sure pick for our top 10 games for couples to play together.

Dauntless logo

Platform: All platforms                                   Cost: Free                                         Multiplayer: Online

New to the market, Dauntless has a Borderlands/Destiny feel is some aspects but overall we’re pretty sure this is a great contender for a game for couples to play.

Platform: Nintendo Switch                               Cost: £49.99                            Multiplayer: Local, Online

Super Mario Party is a classic multiplayer game which is fun for the whole family! You can take on small challenges as a team or against each other to have hours of fun.


Platform: All platforms                Cost: Varies                  Multiplayer: Local, Online and Split Screen

A prehistoric survival game, you’ll wake on a strange island filled with dinosaurs and then have to survive and evolve yourself up to having more advanced equipment. As an open world game, you have no restrictions as to where you can build. With similarities to Minecraft, this is a sure bet for a relaxed game for couples to enjoy, in order to survive you’ll have to hunt, tame and gather everything from fibre to metal ores.

So there we have it, what do you think of our top 10 games for couples to play together? It was a bit tought to put together as there’s many more games we think are great for couples to play together. Have you played any of them already? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts and futher multiplayer game recomendations!


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