About K177yFly

Hey, I’m K177yFly (Kitty-Fly)! Wife of the amazing Amaphatkid and mummy of two daughters.

Just like Ama, I pretty much grew up gaming. From early on, I remember having a pc running on windows ’95 – yes that existed – and picking up CD roms with semi-educational games on a monthly basis from the local shop with my dad.
Not so many years later, I remember going on to play the now classic games like Doom and Duke Nukeham. My dad, brother and I would also play Age of Empires across our networked computers too!

Fast forwarding a bit, I used to watch my brother playing Halo for years before I picked up gaming again. I remember we also had a Playstation 1 and 2, where we played Abes Oddesy, The Sims and Need for Speed, but one of my favourite games was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater!

I then spent a good 2 years or so playing World of Warcraft. I remember the exact moment I hit level 70 after grinding for almost a full week. This was back in my later teenage years and I literally spent every waking moment playing WoW.

Years later, I then ventured into the Xbox world, playing Halo myself and Borderlands too, before getting a Playstation 3 so I could play GTA 5 with Ama, not long after we first started dating.

With having our two children close together, I didn’t get much gaming done for a while which is understandable! Getting back into the world of gaming started again when I first heard about Staxel, which I refer to as a prettier version of Minecraft – haha.

Now, I enjoy playing Sea of Thieves with Ama on our new Xbox One S, CoD WWII through Steam on PC and occasionally dipping my toes back into World of Warcraft.