About Us

So you want to learn more about us?
To read more about our gaming history, you can read more about Amaphatkid here, and K177yFly here.

We are a married gaming couple based in Redditch. We’re in our late 20’s and we have two toddlers. Aside from blogging, K177yFly is a housewife and freelance writer. Amaphatkid goes out every day to provide for the family, hence only being able to really put time into gaming, in the evening.

We both decided to start this website on a bit of a whim. As K177yFly runs a successful parenting blog, it was her idea to set up a gaming blog, but she really couldn’t do it without the head gamer of the house, Ama!

Our aim is to fill this site full of our thoughts and feelings on gaming, as a couple and parents, but to also share our favourite games to play together, or solo, and also delve into the equipment and our gaming set up too!

We hope that you enjoy coming along on our gaming adventures, don’t forget to drop in to our streams and say hey!