Of course, a key part of gaming and streaming, be it alone or as a couple, is your gaming set up. Laptops, mice, webcams, mics – it can all be a little overwhelming to break into the gaming scene with the amount of products on the market.

Here we will keep you upto date with the equipment we both currently use. We’ll also update this page when we either add to our setup, or upgrade something!

Currently, our gaming setup is our Ikea desk which we hacked using 3 sets of Alex drawers and a piece of worktop. We jazzed it up with some LED strip lights placed around the back of the worktop to set the gaming mood of an evening.

Couples gaming desk setup. Two laptops with a ps4 and xbox one in the center, with a monitor on top.

In the centre, we keep our consoles with a monitor all ready and set up in case we don’t fancy PC gaming. At the moment, we’re looking in to wall mounting our consoles. This would free up more desk space – not that we need it as such, but we have more consoles to store now!

To the left is Amaphatkid’s set up – Amaphatkid’s laptop is out ready to use, along with his 2nd screen and gaming mouse.

Amaphatkids equipment list:
Laptop: Acer Predator Helios 300
Laptop Fans

On the right is where K177yFly likes to game and unwind. Her space is constantly changing, but she typically keeps her laptop out too, along with her MacBook, headset and other bits and pieces.

K177yFly’s equipment list:
Laptop: Lenovo 17″ Ideapad Y700
Rainbow LED Mouse
Pink Headset
Rose Gold Xbox Controller

A few additional accessories we find useful to have are our phone and headset stands which we picked up pretty cheap from eBay. We use the phone stands for our xbox controllers – haha!

Console list to date (August 2019):
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch

When it comes to setting up the VR – we have the HTC Vive, we prefer to use tripods to mount the sensors as this means we can get it out as and when and it isn’t a permanent feature in our living room – haha.

Here is our current upgrade and console wishlist:
Pink PS4 Controller

Drop us your recommendations and let us know which equipment you use in your set ups!